Message from the Author

To whom it may concern!

Some people and communities known as Muslims on earth adopted the views and understandings of some others as a religion by surrendering from the original messages of the Qur’an. Hence, intolerable problems among themselves and in their relations with non-Muslims have emerged and are still continuing to emerge.

Islam expounded by the Qur’an is very different from what it appears, particularly what the non-Muslims see on those people who claim to be Muslims. Many of the beliefs and lifestyles exhibited by the formations referred to as “Islamic Centers” situated in your country are not the principles provided in the Qur’an but the beliefs and lifestyles that took place subsequently.

The religion of Islam is, as the meaning, “The religion that strengthens people [the set of principles that makes one distance from the things like problems, sorrows, wars, weaknesses, spiritual illnesses, unhappiness, and similar things and that endanger safety and security]. The religion of Islam taught in the Qur’an in fact distances people and societies from problems, fears, unhappiness, quarrels, wars, and similar negative things. All the principles in the Qur’an are for the health, happiness, and peaceful living of humanity.

I have shared the Qur’an with the entire humanity with the title of “İşte Qur’an!   (The Qur’an is this!)”  by analyzing it through the Arabic language and literature thoroughly in the period in which the Qur’an was sent down …  In addition, I have prepared its interpretation and shared it with the entire humanity. The interpretation has now been published in English as well. I am talking about the original religion of Islam in the Qur’an in a TV show called “THE QUR’AN AND ISLAM” regularly on a TV channel. In addition, the issues determined from the Qur’an and concerning the humanity have been published in English as well. A part of such studies of us is available for sharing on our webpage entitled  “”.

To whom it may concern!

Sharing of the Qur’an’s original messages by yourself with the humanity will be beneficial for you and the entire humanity.

If your institution confers me the opportunity to introduce the Qur’an and the true religion of Islam, I undertake that I will provide this service without inflicting any material encumbrance to your institution …

Best regards…