Division: 263

1Ha/8 Mim/40.273

2-7The explicit Book/the Book which clarifies is the evidence that indeed We sent it down, as an affair from Us, during a night in which every matter/event distinguished, everything was given in abundance, earnings was high, was full of laws, rules and principles that are set forth to prevent injustice and chaos. Indeed We are warners. Surely, We are those Who send messengers as a mercy from your Rabb, Rabb of the heavens/universe, the earth and all that is in between – If you are those who certainly believe-. Indeed, He is the One Who hears best, knows best.

8There is no deity except Him. He gives life and He takes life, He is your Rabb and Rabb of your ancestors before you. 9But, they are amusing themselves in insufficient knowledge.

(64/44; Ad-Dukhan/1-9)

Division: 264

10,11Then watch for the day when the sky will bring an explicit famine. That famine will surround people. This is a painful punishment.274

12O our Rabb! Remove the punishment from us. Indeed, now we are truly believers.

13,14Do they ever remember? Yet a messenger who clarifies came to them. Then they turned away from him and said: “A madman who was taught/a man supported by secret forces!”.

15Surely, We remove the punishment a little, then you are the ones who return.

16The day when We will seize with the greatest seizure, We surely are the Ones Who will maintain justice by seizing and recompensing the criminal.

(64/44; Ad-Dukhan/10-16)

Division: 265

17-21And surely, We had tested the people of Pharaoh before them. And a noble messenger had come to them: “Give back to me the servants of Allah. Indeed, I am a trustworthy messenger who has been sent for you. Do not act haughtily against Allah. Surely, I bring you an explicit authority. And surely, I have sought refuge in my Rabb and your Rabb from that you would stone me to death. And if you do not believe in me, go away from me immediately”.

22Then Moses called to his Rabb, saying: “Surely, these are a criminal people”.

-“23,24Then make My servants walk at night. Surely you are those who are pursued, be cautious. Release the large amount of water/river quickly. Indeed, they are an army drowned in water.-

25-27They left many of many blessings of gardens, springs, crops, honorable positions and that in which they enjoyed.

28Thus it is! We made other peoples inherit them.

29Then the heavens/universe and the earth did not cry upon them. And they were not the ones whom were given respite.

30,31Surely, We saved Israelites from that humiliating punishment, from Pharaoh. Indeed, he was one of those transgressors, those who were haughty.

32Surely, We intentionally had favored Israelites above all people of the time.

33And We had given them of evidences/signs in which there was an explicit trial.

34-36Surely, those Meccans who associate others with Allah are saying: “There is only our first death. And we will not be resurrected again. If you are truthful and true to your words, then bring our ancestors to us”.

37Are they better or the people of Tubba and those before them? We manipulated/destroyed them. Indeed, they were sinners.

(64/44; Ad-Dukhan/17-37)

Division: 266

38And We did not create the heavens/universe and the earth and that which is between them as the Ones Who play.

39We formed both of them only in/with truth. But most of them do not know.

40Surely, the Day of Distinction is the meeting place/predetermined meeting date for them all.

41,42On that day, no one will avail the ones who are close to him at all, except for those to whom Allah shows His mercy. And they will not be helped. Indeed, Allah is the One Who is the most exalted, the most powerful, the most honorable, the invincible/the subduer, the possessor of vast mercy.

43-46Surely, tree of zaqqum will be the food of those transgressing sinners. It is like molten metal; it boils within bellies like the boiling of a scalding liquid.

-“47,48Seize him and drag him into the midst of the blazing fire. Then pour over his head from the punishment of scalding water.”-

-“49,50Taste it! Surely, you were a powerful and exalted person! Indeed, this is that about which you were in doubt”.-

          (64/44; Ad-Dukhan/38-50)

Division: 267

51-57Surely, those who entered under the guardianship of Allah will be in a secure place; within gardens and springs as a bounty from your Rabb. They will sit facing each other and wear garments of thin silk and shining atlas. Thus it is! We will pair them with the large, black-eyed ones/the most ideal types. There they will ask every kind of fruit in secure therein. They will not taste any death other than the first death. And Allah will protect them from the punishment of Jahannah [Hell]. This is what the great salvation is.

58Thus We have eased the Qur’an in your language so they may be reminded.

59Then observe. Indeed, they are the ones who observe.

(64/44; Ad-Dukhan/51-59)