Division: 22

1-4Concealing the truth, associating others with Allah, disintegration of the ignorance, ten nights on which Prophet was given knowledge, relation of Allah-servant and concealing the truth, associating others with Allah, perishing of the ignorance is the evidence that, indeed 14your Rabb watches over.42 5There is a strong-convincing narration which makes believe in these for the one who has reason.43

(10/89, Al-Fajr/1-4, 14-5)

Division: 23

6-13Have you not seen/thought about what your Rabb did to the people of Ad, Iram who owned pillars – like of which was not formed among the cities –, the people of Thamud who cut out the rocks in the valleys, Pharaoh, the owner of the stakes; who had excellent armies/tortured like never seen before44? They transgressed in those lands. Therefore, they increased the corruption therein. That is why, your Rabb poured the whip of punishment upon them.

(10/89, Al-Fajr/6-13)

Division: 24

15-16And as for man, when his Rabb tests him, gives him honor and favors him, he says: “My Rabb has honored me”. But when his Rabb tests him and restricts his provision, he says: “My Rabb has humiliated me”.

17-20Certainly not as you think! Indeed, you do not raise the orphan in an honorable way. You do not encourage one another to give opportunities for those unemployed, poor so they might earn their living. Yet, you consume heritage of the world, devouring it! And you love wealth with immense love, stockpiling it!

21-23Certainly not as you think! When the earth has been leveled with consecutive tremors, when the revelations which your Rabb questioned and sent have been set as witnesses rank upon rank, that day Jahannah [Hell] will be brought; that day man will realize but what good to him will it bring!

24He will say: “I wish I had prepared for this life of Akhirat [Afterlife] of mine!”

25-26That day, no one will punish as the punishment of Allah and no one will bind as His binding.

(10/89, Al-Fajr/15-26)

Division: 25

27-30O the one who is assured by having eliminated all question marks in his mind! Turn to your Rabb, as pleased with your Rabb and He is pleased with you! Enter among My servants at once! And enter My Jannah [Heaven/Paradise]!

(10/89, Al-Fajr/27-30)