Division: 26

1-3Beginning of the enlightment and that the conscious denial of the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb, association of others with Allah, that ignorance have covered the community45 is the evidence that your Rabb will not abandon you and will not take offense at you.

4,5And indeed, the future will be better for you than the past. And your Rabb will give you and you will be satisfied.

6-8Did He not find you an orphan and make you have refuge? Did He not find you as a person who was astray from the straight path and guide you to the straight path? Did He not find you in difficulty in supporting family and make you wealthy?

9,10Therefore, do not oppress the orphan/do not make him worse! Do not repel the one who wants/asks.

11And put forth the favor of your Rabb with your words and deeds!

Al-Inshirah 1-4Did We not open your chest for you? Did We not remove your heavy burden from you? – that your burden broke your back – Did We not raise your reputation high for you?

5,6So, there is definitely ease with hardship. Indeed, there is an ease with hardship.

7Therefore, start that which is new as soon as you have finished. 8And direct your desires only to your Rabb.

(11/93, Ad-Duha/1-11+12/94, Al-Inshirah/1-8)